European Journal for Security Research (EJSR)


The European Journal for Security Research (EJSR) is a comprehensive platform for original articles on security as viewed from diverse perspectives.

  • Investigates causes and consequences that have emerged through the rise of societal security
  • Assesses ways in which securitization addresses and transforms a wide range of events
  • Discusses how society approaches and adapts to these transformations

This journal covers such topics as the inability of new security technologies to deliver definitive solutions; the simulation of secure systems; shifts in the legal and fundamental rights framework; the disruptive potential of new technologies and more.The journal is published by Springer. Editor-in-Chief is Hans-Jörg Albrecht. Chief editor is Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, managing editor Dr. Stoyan Panov.
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Behemoth – A Journal on Civilisation


The open access e-journal 'Behemoth' focuses on the general problem of the fading and/or failing state.

It aims at discussing notions of risk and order within societies where state institutions gradually lose or have already lost their integrative power. The journal is a forum for discussion of the approaches appropriate to analyse these new, contingent and sometimes even precarious regimes of (dis)order. Since 2014 the journal is hosted at the Open Journal System (OJS) of the University of Freiburg's Universtiy Library and published in cooperation with the Centre for Security and Society.
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